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Floor Plans

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Customized with you in mind Casitas del Valle is excited to offer an Individual Lease Program where you can rent one bedroom within a larger 3 bedroom apartment. There is optional housemate matching available, or you are welcome to choose your own housemates. Either way, each resident gets their own lease so there is no shared legal responsibility among housemates. If you opt for housemate matching, we would be responsible for finding the other housemates based on your living preference. Simple, easy, and low stress, our Individual Lease Program gives you peace of mind, and allows you to spend your time on what matters most to you!
Floor Plan Private Room Shared Room
3 bedroom $950-1395 per person $588-795 per person
Floor Plan Bed Bath Sq.Ft. Rent Deposit Availability
Individual Lease Program 1 1      
1x1 - SOLD OUT FOR 2021/2022 1 1 506 $1,554 $400
3x1.5 Townhouse - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL, CALL FOR DETAILS! 3 1.5 1,100 $2,495 -to $2,935 $700
3x2 Duplex F - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL, CALL FOR DETAILS! 3 2 1,400 $2,900 -to $3,395 $700
3x2 Duplex G - SOLD OUT FOR 2021/2022 3 2 1,400 $3,395 $700
3x2.5 Townhouse Duplex - LIMITED TIME SPECIAL, CALL FOR DETAILS! 3 2.5 1,700 $3,000 -to $3,495 $700
(All rates are subject to change.)